Fatih Gelgi

    • AlphaStar Co-founder and Computer Science Director (since 2017)
    • Ph.D, Computer Science, Arizona State University (2007)
    • International Olympiad in Informatics (1999: Bronze Medal)
    • USA Computing Olympiad Coach (2006-2014)
    • Olympiad in Informatics Turkish National Team Coach (1999-2003)
    • Balkan Olympiad in Informatics (1998, 1999)
  • What they say about him?

    I think this course is valuable because it is both helpful and interesting. I learned a lot this year, and it would have been difficult to learn so much without Dr. Gelgi's excellent guidance.

    Andrew C., CS401 (USACO Gold Basic) Student

    The course was very fun and exciting. The teachers were very enthusiastic about teaching us and we learned a lot during the course!

    CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    It was a really fun course and I learned a lot from it. The teachers gave a lot of new information that I have never learned before and was very useful to know.

    Preston F., CS301 (USACO Silver Basic) Student

    This course is very fun. The instructors are really responsible. I will suggest you to take this course!

    CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    I liked that Mr. Gelgi always have positive attitude and always helped us.

    Yash B., USACO Programming A Student

    Dr. Fatih Gelgi was nice and was a great teacher.

    CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    This course was an amazing few months for me, learning many concepts about programming. The course was a good pace that didn't overwhelm me with too much homework every week. The teacher challenged us every class to think more about a specific problem in a different way. I also learned a lot during this class and many of the concepts intrigued me.

    David F., USACO Programming A Student

    Fatih was a great teacher; materials were organized; everything was extremely clear.

    USACO Programming Student

    The course was fun as we delved into interesting, challenging algorithms. The instructor (Dr. Fatih Gelgi) was enthusiastic and explained clearly, which allowed us to comprehend the content easily. I am planning to continue in my development by taking the next course.

    Raj P., CS401 (USACO Gold Basic) Student

    I really liked the way the teacher explained things out- it was very easy to understand. Also, they made it very clear on how to spot errors and they got me in the habit of having good syntax. Learned very well in this course. Another thing is that I liked the practice problems on the website. They made practicing easy and fun, as well as teaching us how to do things. I really liked this course because unlike many other programming classes, this provided a perfect balance of practice, fun, and learning.

    Cindy L., CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    It's really fun and a great place to learn. I liked the way the instructors taught the courses and how they would help you whenever you needed it.

    Edward X., CS301 (USACO Silver Basic) Student

    I like this course because the teachers explain the content very well and I am able to catch on very easily. I feel like the classes have been very easy, since whenever I had doubts, the instructors would clear them.

    CS301 (USACO Silver Basic) Student

    Very interesting and informative. Gelgi was great! :)

    Andrew C., CS401 (USACO Gold Basic) Student

    I like how the teachers explain the material in an organized and proper way. It really helps me get a better overall understanding on the concept.

    CS301 (USACO Silver Basic) Student

    The course instructor was very knowledgeable and explained many of the concepts in an in-depth and illuminating way.

    Aadi D., CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    I think the course is great and the instructor explains the problems in the class very clearly.

    Matthew J., CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    I liked that Dr. Gelgi explains the problems in class and makes it easier for us to do them.

    CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    The instructor explained all the problems very well and I enjoyed learning in the process.

    CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    I liked how Dr. Gelgi explained different ways to solve each problem.

    CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    Extremely good teacher!

    Anthony L., CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student

    I like that the instructors had explained everything clearly and I had learned a lot.

    Ryan H., CS 201 (USACO Bronze) Student