Sal Tiryaki

    • AlphaStar Computer Science Instructor (2018-present)
    • M.Ed., Leadership in Education, American College of Education (2016)
    • Computer Science / Robotics teacher (2010-present)
    • Many regional, state, interstate, and international awards in Robotics such as 2014 Tri-State (Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada) and Mexico Championship, 2017 First Global Zhang Heng Silver Engineering Design
    • Worked as an engineer, project leader, and tecnical manager in industry (2003-2010)
    • B.S. in Electrical Engineering (2002)
  • Courses

    What they say about him?

    Sal is a very fun person! He is a great teacher and gives great feedback and advice.

    Mr. Sal has thought me a lot about competitive programming, also I really like the problem sets that you give us!

    The instructor makes it fun to be in the class, the occasional jokes, and his light-hearted personality makes it a really fun class to pay attention to and listen to. He teaches with the main goal of helping us learn, rather than just trying to finish his job. I have learned something more than "practice, practice, practice" in this course, I learned about when to do actions, like restarting my code, when the bugs were too hard to handle. He really is a great teacher

    I think that the instructor is very patient with each student, and makes the learning experience fun.

    The camp was really fun and Mr. Sal is a great teacher. He stays calm all the time, and explains everything properly, and it is easy to understand

    Shivam Maheshwari